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                                                                     CCTV SOLUTIONS 

At MDR Integrated Systems we install fully scalable, high definition CCTV systems, which are suitable for any size application, from high end residential to global corporations. Our systems have the capacity to grow alongside your business and allow future expansion of your CCTV system. We have an extensive portfolio of cameras and equipment to suit any environment and our cameras capture unparalleled image detail with high definition surveillance. A reduced number of high definition cameras are also required to cover the same area as a traditional analogue system, subsequently saving money. 


MDR Integrated Systems can offer a cost effective and modular solution to upgrade your existing CCTV and security system at your pace. You can upgrade parts of the system focusing on the areas that you feel would benefit from higher resolution images. 


MDR Integrated Systems can maintain and extend your existing CCTV system and security systems as we recognise the investment you have made in your security and that you are keen to extend its life. 

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